A place that was built to serve one purpose and preserved to serve the next. It's the kind of place that made a name for itself on Woodward Avenue by delivering the deepest kind of care to car owners and auto lovers one wrench turn at a time. Today, the oldest garage east of the Mississippi carries a different kind of torch but the cause remains the same: make it honest, make it legit and make it as good as you know how. While the Kurta and Marwil families have long since moved their tools out of the station, the tradition they set still steers the joint one course at a time. The menu is built on the kind of custom Detroit eats that the mechanics and techs would have called their own back in the day. With burgers, Union Mac & Cheese, noodle bowls, coal-fired pies and the like: the new crew is working to keep the legend of Vinsetta Garage alive on Woodward Avenue and beyond.


COAL-FIRED BREAD STICKS   Pazzo dip on the side   5.95

DISCO FRIES   House-cut fries, Ellsworth cheese curds, whole grain mustard gravy, chili flakes, scallions   8.50

SMOKED CHICKEN WINGS   Woodshop’s classic jumbo wings with Cholula wing sauce or house ghost chili sauce (for the brave)   10.95

CHIPS N' DIP   House-made salt & vinegar chips, eight hour caramelized onion dip, topped with fresh chives   4.95

CHOP SALAD   Romaine lettuce, coal-fired chicken, spicy tasso ham, Amish blue cheese, MI dried cherries, cucumber, fresh tomatoes, chopped cage-free egg, spicy fried onions, honey mustard vinaigrette   13.95

CAESAR   Romaine, Pecorino, herbed sourdough croutons, house Caesar dressing   11.95

HOUSE SALAD   Mixed greens, feta, snap peas, red onion, fresh tomatoes, fried chickpeas, oven-roasted tomato vinaigrette   11.95

*ADD TO ANY SALAD*   grilled marinated chicken breast, brown sugar-glazed salmon, chili-rubbed flank steak or gulf shrimp   5.50

Unless noted, burgers are freshly ground beef blend of brisket, short-rib & chuck grilled on our wood-burning charbroiler & served on our pretzel bun • Substitute vegan patty to any burger, no charge • Substitute bun with a house-made sesame bun, gluten-free bun (+1.95), or go bunless altogether... • All burgers & sandwiches served with a mound of house-made chips or substitute any side for 2.25

VINSETTA BURGER   The classic double, two 4 oz. Vinsetta blend patties cooked through, stacked with two slices of American cheese, L.T.O. (lettuce, tomato, onion), sliced dill pickles, Woodshop MI maple bacon, Vinsetta Burger Sauce   15.00

THE 3 A.M.   Half-pound Vinsetta blend patty, Swiss, Woodshop MI maple bacon, topped with a fried cage-free egg & crispy fried onion strings, Sriracha mayo   16.00

THE EV1   House-made vegan patty, coal-fired tomatoes, arugula, broccoli sprouts, goat cheese, shiitake bacon, roasted garlic balsamic mayo (opt for the pretzel bun, sub out vegan cheese & lose the mayo to make it vegan)   14.95

MACON BACON BURGER   Half-pound Vinsetta blend beef patty, Woodshop MI maple bacon, pancetta, grilled Canadian bacon, house-made bacon jam, smoked cheddar   16.00

GRILLED CHICKEN SANDWICH   Marinated chicken breast, L.T.O., Woodshop MI maple bacon, pepper jack, V.B.S.   13.95

HAND-CUT FRIES   with coal-fired tomato aioli   3.95

HAND-DIPPED ONION RINGS   Beer-battered with coal-fired tomato aioli   3.95


BROCCOLINI   with garlic chips, chili flakes   4.95



UNION MAC   Vermont sharp cheddar, Pinconning, penne rigate, béchamel, parmesan, crunchy crust, served with or without smoked ham   14.50   16.75 w/ham

NOODLE BURGER   Casserole-baked ground beef, smoked cheddar, elbow macaroni, Woodshop MI maple bacon, crispy top, salad alongside   14.50

Comes with one choice of side car

BROWN SUGAR-GLAZED SALMON   Roasted with ancho chilies and ginger   20.95

CHILI-RUBBED FLANK STEAK   Sweet chili rub, grilled to order   18.95

YOU-CHOOSE PIZZA   Our base pizza includes your choice of crust, sauce & either our house cheese blend or fresh mozzarella. Add any item from the toppings list for a small fee   9.95

DOUGH   12" Hand-Tossed • 12" Gluten Free (+2.95)

SAUCE   San Marzano Tomato • Pecorino Cream • Garlic Butter

CHEESES ($1.75 per)   House-Smoked Cheddar • Swiss • American • Feta • Pepper Jack • Goat Cheese (2.00) • Fresh Mozzarella • Cheese Curds • House Cheese Blend • Pecorino • Amish Blue Cheese • Vegan Cheese (3.50)

MEATS ($2 per)   Pepperoni • House Italian Sausage • Spicy Tasso Ham (2.50) • Mini Meatballs • Ground Vinsetta Burger Blend • Coal-Fired Chicken • Woodshop MI Maple Bacon • Spicy Brown Sugar-Glazed Salmon (5.50) • Grilled & Marintated Chicken Breast (5.50) • Prosciutto (2.50) • Chili-Rubbed Flank (5.50) • Sunny Fried or Chopped Cage Free Egg • Canadian Bacon • Gulf Shrimp (5.50)

PRODUCE ($1 per)   Coal-Fired Tomato • Roasted Red Pepper • Red Onion • Caramelized Onions • Spicy Fried Onions • Roasted Garlic • Scallions • Fresh Tomato • Arugula • Broccoli Sprouts • Broccolini • House-Pickled Chilies • Mixed Olives • Capers • Chopped Pickles • Shiitake Bacon (2.50) • Grilled Pineapple (1.50) • Fresh Basil • Fresh Chives • Shallots • Grilled Sweet Corn


THE ANN BOWL   Whole grain rotini, broccolini, grilled sweet corn, roasted vegetable ragout, goat cheese, shiitake bacon, finished with grated Pecorino cheese & fresh herbs   15.50

THE YETI BOWL   Penne, tomato basil sauce, house Italian sausage, pepperoni, house-pickled chilies, red onion, Ellsworth cheese curds, finished with grated Pecorino cheese & fresh herbs   15.95

THE LELIO   Macaroni, bacon Pecorino cream, chicken, coal-fired tomatoes, red onion, chives, smoked cheddar, finished with grated Pecorino cheese & fresh herbs   15.95

Gluten Free (+2.95)

MARGHERITA   Coal-fired roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, cheese blend, crushed tomato basil sauce, fresh basil   12.50

PINEAPPLE & TASSO   House-made spicy tasso ham, grilled pineapple, red onion, crushed tomato basil sauce, cheese blend   13.95

LOADED POTATO   Redskin potatoes, house-smoked cheddar, cheese blend, garlic butter, shiitake bacon, chives, sour cream   13.95

Comes with one choice of side car

CHICKEN TENDERS   Two tenders served with house-made chips

UNION MAC & CHEESE   Side portion of the stuff of Legend

SIDE CAR BURGER   4oz patty, American cheese & house-made chips


BROWNIE POT PIE   Bittersweet chocolate brownie, milk chocolate ganache, cinnamon pie crust, salted caramel drizzle, house-made vanilla nitrogen ice cream   5.95

FRIED PIE   House-made dough stuffed with vanilla cheesecake & scratch Michigan cherry jam, dusted with lemon vanilla sugar. Topped with vanilla streusel, our vanilla ice cream on the side   6.95

KEY LIME PIE   House-made graham cracker crust, whipped cream, candied citrus zest   5.50

FAYGO ICE CREAM   House-made liquid nitrogen churned Faygo Rock N’ Rye ice cream dusted with Pop Rocks   3.95

HOUSE-MADE FROZEN CUSTARD   Vanilla or Milk Chocolate • Salted Caramel   3.50

MILKSHAKES   Your choice of any of our house-made liquid nitrogen churned flavors: Vanilla Custard • Faygo Ice Cream • Salted Caramel Custard • Milk Chocolate Custard   4.95


27799 Woodward Avenue
Berkley, Michigan 48072